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Absent Owner Treatment Consent Form To be filled out by the owner and used in case their pet(s) needs emergency care at: Owner Name: Phone Number: Address: Departure Date Return Date Contact Phone
Fill consent for medical treatment while under the influence of drugs: Try Risk Free
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Welcome everyone thank you for attending today's webinar medical and consent for best practices my name is Troy Westley I'm the CEO and co-founder at Kentucky and joining me on today's call is our chief marketing officer John Ryan today we'll be sharing the best practices we've learned for writing distributing clipping carrying and using medical and consent forms Kemeny has worked with thousands of schools sports scouts camps and other groups around the world to help them automate their medical and consent form processes and we've won lots of awards for this including the world's largest and most prestigious startup award called slush and we've automated a lot of forms sending millions of forms to parents the end of today is to share with you what we've learned along the journey and hopefully you can apply these best practices with a you tonight care monkey customer or not today's webinar will be fast paced there's a lot to cover Johnny it's going to start by covering why medical consent files are important and then share with you about top 10 best practices I'm going to give you a demonstration of these best practices in action so let's get started and over to you Johnny thanks Troy and hi everyone I want to start today by covering why medical and consent forms really matter so medical and consent forms play an essential role in helping organizations deliver on their duty of care obligations and throughout today's webinar will be giving you lots of practical tips on how you can use medical and consent forms to take better care of your students members or participants myths and forms also play an important role in protecting your organization from legal liability - they are a legal form which is why they require a signature and a date now you might be doing everything possible to protect your students members and participants but if a serious accident does occur can your organization legally prove that you did everything possible to fulfill your duty of care obligations if not then your organization may be liable for negligence u.s. penalties such as fines plus legal costs and a hit to your reputation so why do we need consent well it started just over 100 years ago in 1914 when a New York Hospital was successfully sued because doctors removed a tumor after the patients specifically told them not to remove anything and in this landmark case the High Court judge ruled that a surgeon who performs an operation without his patient's consent commits an assault for which he is liable for in damages and this ruling has had a big ripple effect so why is it that parents need to give consent on behalf of children well quite simply it's been ruled that children are not capable of making that consent decision due to their incomplete cognitive development and also because parents are financially responsible for the decision so therefore they own the decision and we see the impact of these ruling in UK law today which requires someone with parental...